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 Digital Claims Delivery 
Our digital claims solution enables our insurance partners to provide a digital claims journey for their policyholders.
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Digitise your Claims Journey

We utilise process automation and AI to help reduce time spent on claims for policyholders to deliver a fast and user friendly experience.

By automating the claims process we can enable insurers to provide a smoother and faster claims service to their policyholders

24 hours a day & 365 days a year

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Reduce your 

Claims Administration Costs

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By automating your claims process we reduce the time and cost spent on administering claims all the while providing a rich and seamless experience to the end user.

With integrations with payment service providers, we are able to offer our insurance partners a truly end to end claims service with instant payments.

Reduce Fraudulent Claims

With our advanced claims data AI assessment tool, we reduce the possibility of fraudulent claims at the point of data capture.

Using imagery verification and integrations into a policy management platforms, we reduce the friction of claims processing whilst protecting insurers from fraudulent claims.

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Our Claims Solution

For Insurers

Easily file claims on  any device! anytime! anywhere!

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1. Capture Claims Information


Select and upload the required claims information via Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc..

2. Automated Processing & Ai 


Process the information uploaded by claimants and consolidate the data for Insurers

3. Notification & Reporting


Notify & report on claims data with

rich insight on reported claim and claims data submitted

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Solution Benefits
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Automate your claims process to reduce the time spent and errors from data entry

24 HRS / 365 DAYS

Provide 24 Hours, 365 Days of support to your customers


Reduce the time spent of

managing claims


Support any devices for you customers


Integrate with any services to provide more value for your customers

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Are you ready for your
digital journey ?
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