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Frequently Asked Questions
Learn more about what we are doing and what makes us different !


What is Green Reach?

Green Reach is a technology provider enabling companies to meet the challenges of the Digital Age with the delivery of effective and secure technology and support.


How Does Green Reach Work?

Green Reach does not create a “one size fits all” solution for all companies. We always adapt the solutions depending on our clients and their needs and requirements. To create something that works for them... Not something your company has to work around.


Why a Green Reach Solution?

We deliver solutions to meet the business need. Green Reach creates cost effective services that can be implemented quickly and modified to adapt the changing needs of the business without major structural change. We base our systems and overall solutions on several core principles: Security is a priority, based on existing regulations and built around technologies such as Blockchain “Single source of the truth” for data management and control.


Can Green Reach support other countries?

The short answer is Yes! We are always looking for new opportunities with new clients. However, this will be reviewed on a case by case basis where we will look at our partner's needs to identify the correct solution and service to resolve the issue. All Green Reach solutions are enabled and can support multiple languages, currencies and regulations.


What kind of technology does Green Reach Use?

Green Reach uses the most appropriate technology to meet our clients solution requirements, for example, Blockchain for secure transaction processing where data and data management is critical (“single source of the truth”), Restful APIs for Simple Integrations, and AI for Insurance Claims Management support.


How does Green Reach protect the privacy of its clients?

Green Reach recognises data privacy as a core principle of providing services. To support this we manage how data is stored and used, who has access and where the master version of data is held. In technology terms, this revolves around Blockchain, role based access and “single source of the truth” to guide our solution deliveries.


Does Green Reach support other industries?

Yes, any industry is applicable for digitisation or outsourcing support. We are currently mainly in the Insurance, Property & E-Commerce space, however we are always looking for new opportunities. So please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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